Business Overview

The Group’s EMS business is principally conducted on a turnkey basis. Its one-stop solutions under the EMS business include research and development, sourcing and procurement, production, sales and logistics and after-sales services. The Directors consider that the Group’s achievements in its EMS business are mainly attributable to the Group’s relationships with certain international players in the global consumer electronic products industry, its expertise in providing flexible manufacturing solutions, as well as its experienced and dedicated management team and engineers.

The Group has been committed to bringing high quality consumer electronic products to its customers, and has adopted stringent quality assurance procedures at different stages of its business operation spanning from the pre-production process to the inspection of finished goods. The Group’s production facilities obtained various quality standard certifications,
including ISO 9001 certification, ISO 14001 certification and ISO 13485 certification.

Talent-Asia Holdings Co. Limited, a subsidiary of the group, is a S2B2C supply chain service provider focusing on real estate in Southeast Asia. Based on economic growth trends of “Belt and Road” countries, Talent-Asia Holdings Co. Limited integrates upstream and downstream resources around the value-added services of the targeted industry supply chain, and selects key countries and cities along the Belt and Road route with high economic growth and high market development for strategic planning. By adhering to “Technology-driven” development business philosophy, LinkAsia International aggregates cross-border brand enterprises and business involving real estate supply chain using AI big data and blockchain technology, electronic product supply chain, commodity supply chain and other fields, to provide value-added value chain reshaping services.

Since 2020, the Group has started to focus its cross-border services on the layout of assisted reproductive industry chain. For such purpose, the Group has established several relevant subsidiaries, including: Link-Asia International Assisted Reproductive Technology Group Limited, Link-Asia International Cell Technology Group Limited, etc.

The Group plans to provide the systematic solutions to those customers who has the intention to improve their fertility quality, by collaborating with the world leading assisted reproductive medical experts and organizations, reserving assisted reproductive medical technology, and interlinking domestic and overseas medical institutions such as testing labs, outpatient services, hospitals, etc. The Group will continuously introduce the favorable resources in the relevant fields, in order to further solidify the layout of bio-industry chain that focuses on the assisted reproductive services and technology. In the future, the Group will build such assisted reproduction service and technology value chain with full cycle, high carefulness and high quality, backed by the state-of-the-art assisted reproductive technology, in order to develop itself to be an influential group with certain scale in assisted reproductive service and technology industry within AP regions, the innovation led life science company, and the health management platform with the full-fertility cycle service in place, facilitating to develop the Healthy China and driving the industrial growth.